MMORPGs are thick and also unintelligible for the unskilled public. It is, probably, among the points that makes it not the favorite titles of the general public (which obtains Call of Duty or FIFA at Christmas). Even with this, the area is just one of the most consistent as well as committed in the world.

In Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV we can find, even if we are newbies, thousands of hrs of enjoyment and endless enjoyable. That is why we prepare a newbie guide since the game is fully operational on PS4, PS3 as well as COMPUTER.


If you intend to play with pals and also have actually stuck with them to begin at the same time you need to take into consideration the job you decide to start in the same city. Otherwise you will certainly not have the ability to “find” until you can leave the initial city (at degree 15) as well as, furthermore, are extremely much from each other. You begin in a sealed location in which no player has gain access to, it is the moment where you can familiarize yourself with the game gain access to courses of the menu and also the explorable world.

To meet with your friends you should make use of the chat screen and also with the home menu you could discover them conveniently and also create a chat group. To use it in a fundamental yet valuable method, you just have to be clear concerning the number of commands:

/ State: Just individuals nearby will have the ability to read it. It is represented by the color white.

/ Scream: It’s shrieking, so much more players will certainly have the ability to review exactly what you state. It looks yellow.

/ Shout: Any kind of customer of the map will certainly see just what you are screaming. It will certainly look red.

The “/” bar is made use of for the various commands in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. We welcome you to attempt many more.


From degree 10 we could change works if we are not satisfied. To see others we need to unlock the intro missions of each guild. That will certainly open up new opportunities for us to have more jobs.

We have 3 cities to begin playing buy FFXIV Gil : Ul’ Dah, Limsa and also Gridania. We will be in them necessarily up to level 15 of each personality, so it is very important to start in the same city with pals, if not, you dip into your personal danger.

GRIDANIA: it is a city framed in a woodland as well as the traditional careers of those that start in this city concern searching, survival as well as nature. They will start in her:

1. “Archers” or archers.

2. Magicians, that could summon natural magic ( recovery and also spell).

3. Lancers: Melee wrestlers.

Part of the readily available works are “Leatherworkers”, botanists and carpenters.

UL’ DAH: is a city that is located in the desert, is the funding of business, so you will understand what sort of players and also works will certainly start right here:

1. Thaumaturges: Masters in attack magic.

2. Gladiators: Traditional knights that make use of guard and also sword.

3. Pugilists: They utilize clenched fist weapons.

Amongst the jobs readily available are those that deal with jewelers, sorcerers, tailors and miners.

LIMSA: is an oceanic and also maritime city, along with among the most lovely of all the video game. Here they begin:

1. Marauders; They are really effective first-line competitors in the one on one.

2. Arcanists: They use spells written in their books. If you train hard you can come to be the dreadful Summoners.

The jobs that you will certainly find right here belong to the aquatic world as fishermen as well as cooks in addition to blacksmiths or gunsmiths.